CoachFX GO
Features and Benefits


CoachFX Go is the latest development in the CoachFX family of products designed to makes club coaching easier. CoachFX Go is an app that allows coaches to access curriculum quickly, view it in 3D video and share it. Designed primarily to host club curriculum it unleashes your content allowing coaches to view it on-the go.


  • Easy to use user interface gets you to your content quicker than ever.
  • Share your favourites with your community.
  • Access your club curriculum.
  • Subscribe through your apple account to additional content.
  • View all drills in illustration and 3D video.
  • Mark content as favourites for easy search.
  • Regular featured content.
  • Access using your CoachFXLive credentials.

Trusted by hundreds of clubs and associations to deliver their curriculum

The ultimate device to access your coaching curriculum.

All drills in video and illustration with share functionality.

Really easy to useā€¦ fast access to top quality drills.

Option to have your club curriculum pre loaded.

Free access to Featured Content from top coaches.

Easy to buy additional best practice sessions and drills.

Control Your Coaching

iOS App

CoachFX GO App - the ultimate free to download coaching app loaded with drills. Ready to use with instant access to content.


3D Software

CoachFX Live - a full service website where thousands of users create and share 3D coaching drills.


2D Software

CoachFX Pro - our 2D download software solution for those who want to create basic animations and illustrations.


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